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Wiechmann Painting, LLC is a Mankato based painting service. We have been serving our customers for the last 27 years. We specialize in interior/exterior, residential, rental, commercial, and new construction painting. Whether you need curbs and lines in your parking lot freshened up, or you want to paint your house yourself but do not like those forty foot peaks, give me a call now to discuss options for your paint project today. 
                                                                   Dan Wiechmann
​When it comes to touching up and matching colors, we are the masters. After years of experience doing commercial maintenance painting, working with your existing colors is possible.
​With interior work, the trick is timing. Give us a call and we will work around your schedule to make sure your project happens quickly and efficiently.  
​Whether the maintenance on your classy, original wood windows is more than you want to tackle or if it’s time to personalize your exterior with a more modern color scheme,  
use us to remedy your exterior surfaces.  
Wiechmann Painting, LLC​
Dan Wiechmann 
Mankato, MN 
​We have always been a big hands on family but when it came to repainting the outside of our 4 bedroom home we knew we needed some advice. Dan was kind enough to spend over an hour with us talking paint. In the end we hired him to do the whole project. Thus giving us a wonderful summer with our kids. Thanks Dan! 
                                               The Reigerts Mankato MN